Ozzy Osbourne has announced his retirement from touring amid health issues, and is canceling remaining shows

Ozzy Osbourne — who was performing at the halftime show during the Los Angeles Rams’d season opener in September — has announced his retirement from touring amid health issues. (Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) Ozzy Osbourne’s touring days are over amid health issues. The British rock legend, best known for fronting Black Sabbath, canceled his … Read more

The song Babel from FST raises difficult issues about the future of humanity

In her new play “Babel,” which launches a long-delayed new season of Florida Studio Theatre’s Phase 3 series, Jacqueline Goldfinger poses some provocative, challenging, and difficult personal questions about the future of the human race. FST helped develop the play and planned to first produce it as part of the National New Play Network’s circulating … Read more

With greater awareness of workplace issues, employers are offering more mental health services Health

Fidelity Investments has expanded its in-house offering of free therapy sessions. The Hypertherm manufacturer has seen enrollment in the Employee Assistance Program three times. A community mental health organization has set up “peer discussion groups” via Zoom for staff to share their concerns with outside doctors. Many employers across the state have added mental health … Read more

How employment issues caused by the pandemic affect seniors in CO

The unprecedented workforce shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic continues to severely affect nursing homes across the United States, and Colorado is no exception. Between February 2020 and December 2022, nursing homes lost 210,000 jobs, according to an analysis of year-end data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released by the American Health Care Association … Read more

Senate introduces new legislation to address wildlife issues – Mississippi’s best community newspaper

The Senate introduces new legislation to address wildlife issues Posted at 2:09 PM Thursday Jan 19, 2023 JACKSON – A handful of wildlife, fisheries and parks bills address current issues. Two bills would close loopholes that could lead to the sale of live deer and commission the commission to protect wildlife in the public interest … Read more

Bella Ramsey discusses mental health issues while promoting The Last Of Us in an interview with the magazine

Bella Ramsey discusses mental health issues while promoting The Last Of Us in an interview with the magazine The 19-year-old English actress has reflected on her departure from The Worst Witch which she announced in February 2020 in an Instagram post urging her followers to prioritize their mental health. I know it was advertised so … Read more

After fox-baiting is abolished, the OIB prohibits feeding wild animals, and issues a fine

A fox wanders near a sea turtle nest at Ocean Isle Beach while local volunteers work there. Local sea turtle conservation coordinator Deb Allen said her volunteers have had close encounters with the otters over the past two years and they pose a risk to their safety. (Photo provided by Deb Allen). OCEAN ISLE BEACH … Read more

Oregon’s Secretary of State issues an audit of the state’s broadband office ahead of a potential windfall

In this file photo, tech worker Ryne Smith can’t do his job in Grant County without access to the reliable, high-speed internet he can get at Seneca’s CyberMill Cafe. Christian Foden-Vencel/OPB The Oregon Bureau of Broadband is poised for a potential gain of federal cash to improve high-speed internet access across the state, but it … Read more

health issues | From drinking ghee to soaking methi, it’s time to unfollow these healthy Instagram hacks

from boba tea and flaxseed to ABC juice; Keto, Paleo, Atkins Low-carb, Dukan, intermittent fasting to swallow in water soaked in a ‘bhindi’ (ladyfinger), drink ghee or make a fenugreek decoction – we’re crazy about our food choices and easily switch to stuff hyped on social media. Most of us tend to seek out “superfoods” … Read more

A stock market legend issues “ferocious, ferocious growling bear” warnings about the American workforce

Stockmarket Cycles publisher and editor Peter Eliades explains how “very low” unemployment numbers are usually bearish for the markets. The last time stock market legend Peter Eliades spoke to FOX Business host Neil Cavuto, it was during the “delicate bottom” of the 2022 market, before a two-month rally. While Stockmarket Cycles publisher and editor was … Read more