A song written by Paul McCartney for Peter Usher knocked The Beatles’ “Can’t Buy Me Love” off the charts

Paul McCartney wrote a song for Peter Usher, and it did so well that it knocked The Beatles’ “Can’t Buy Me Love” off the charts. Asher got to know Paul well when he began dating his sister, Jane, in the early 1960s. Thanks to Paul and his song, Usher’s career skyrocketed. Paul McCartney with Peter … Read more

Chelsea and Liverpool have been knocked out of the Premier League 7 Football League

Just three years ago, in 2020, Liverpool won the Premier League and were on top of the world.picture: Getty Images There have been many unsavory, if not repulsive, angles to the attempt to create a European Premier League two years ago. Among those lurking beneath the destruction of the entire structure of European football or … Read more