It puts a class action lawsuit under a microscope

A pedestrian walks along a road near Kingston Hall on the campus of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, in January 2021. A 2019 review of low-income investors’ experiences with crowd-sourced RESP providers by researchers at Queen’s University and the University of Winnipeg reported inaccurate marketing materials and sales tactics High pressure from salespeople.Fred Lum/The Globe … Read more

Guggenheim Foundation ‘Refuses’ to Return Picasso to Holocaust Survivors’ Heirs: Lawsuit

A Pablo Picasso painting valued today at up to $200 million was sold for a song by a Jewish couple desperate to flee the Nazis in 1938 — and now the heirs want it back from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. The 1904 piece “Woman Ironing” (La repasseuse) was gifted to the Guggenheim decades ago … Read more

Getty Images is suing the company behind the stablecoin, saying the AI ​​creator illegally scraped its content

Getty Images has claimed that its massive image library has been illegally scrapped, and has announced that it has “initiated legal action” against Stability AI, the creators of the popular AI image creation tool Stable Diffusion. AI firm “illegally copied and manipulated millions of copyrighted images” to train its signature software, the stock-photo giant has … Read more

Artists have filed a class action lawsuit against AI image creation companies

Zoom in / A computer-generated hammer hovers over a laptop. Some artists have begun waging a legal battle against the alleged theft of billions of copyrighted images used to train AI art creators and reproduce unique styles without compensating the artists or asking for consent. A group of artists represented by the law firm of … Read more

The consolidated class action lawsuit against Shields Healthcare Group filed more than 1.9 million data breach records

Posted by HIPAA Magazine on Jan 12, 2023 Multiple lawsuits have been filed against the Massachusetts-based Shields Health Care Group, which suffered one of the largest healthcare data breaches of the year, affecting nearly 2 million individuals. The lawsuits have recently been combined into one lawsuit – Pescan vs. Shields Healthcare Group Inc – was … Read more

Starlink airline Internet as fast as broadband now also sues DISH SpaceX over Gen2 satellites

The second generation of Starlink satellites that SpaceX has been given permission to launch are much larger than the first generation, and online streaming services may cause light pollution, as well as, according to DISH, interference with its own satellites. That’s why DISH and environmental group the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) are filing lawsuits against … Read more

Whipping, battery and sexual assault: The new lawsuit against Mexican pop singers Gloria Trevi and Sergio Andrade | United States of America

Mexican pop singer Gloria Trevi is facing a new child abuse civil lawsuit in the US, along with her former partner, producer Sergio Andrade and choreographer. The accusations are not new. In 2014, a Mexican judge acquitted Trevi of rape, kidnapping and corruption of minors. After four years in pre-trial detention, Andrade was found guilty … Read more