106 institutions to offer virtual reality soft skills training through Bodyswaps and Meta Immersive Learning grant

Startup UK partners with Meta to make virtual reality learning available to 106 higher education institutions worldwide LondonAnd January 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — body changetogether with Immersive learning is deadannounced the final list of higher and further education institutions to participate in the immersive experiential learning program. 106 colleges and universities worldwide will get access … Read more

According to a psychologist, why learning to surf can be good for your mental health

Nothing takes the mind off like going surfing. With the escapism and simplicity of surfing, it’s no secret that surfing feels good. Now our preliminary study in children and teens adds to the growing evidence that surfing is really good for your mental health. But you don’t have to be mentally ill to get the … Read more

Cassandra NoSQL supercharged machine learning

DataStax, the driving force behind the ongoing development and commercialization of the open source NoSQL Apache Cassandra database, has been in business for nine years in 2019 when it made a radical shift to the cloud. The company was already working with organizations whose business had already spanned into hybrid and multicloud environments, but its … Read more

Getting Along With Wildlife: Moving to Steamboat means learning how to deal with lots of savage neighbours

Editor’s note: This story was originally published in Move To Steamboat and Yampa Valley Magazine published December 23, 2022. Many people who visit or move to the Steamboat Springs area may not realize that their new home is a natural haven for the wide variety of wildlife that have become their new neighbors. Black bears … Read more

Learning to play Street Fighter has made me a better piano teacher

In June 2014, the following week Ultra Street Fighter 4‘s In the console version, she has a master’s degree in music education, with an emphasis in piano pedagogy. Staring at a barrel of what would become nearly a year of unemployment, I decided to satisfy a long-standing curiosity: I bought a copy of the game, … Read more

Machine learning accelerates drug formulation development, changing the game for pharmaceutical research

Researchers at the University of Toronto have demonstrated the effectiveness of using machine learning techniques to design long-acting injectable drug formulations. The integration of these algorithms has the potential to simplify the drug development process, by reducing the time and cost associated with it, and ultimately bringing innovative drugs to market more quickly. A new … Read more