Netflix’s New Password Sharing Rules (And How to Work Around Them)

picture: Elliott Coand Jr (Clash) We knew that this day was coming: Netflix wants you to stop sharing your account with friends and familypreferably These users pay for their own account or not flowing at all. You may have heard about the company’s plans to crack down on such sharing, and even talked about it … Read more

This Google AI Music will freak you out

picture: ESB Professional (stock struggle) If you’ve ever played with ChatGPTYou know how impressive (and terrifying) artificial intelligence can be. ChatGPT can generate anything you ask, with prompts as simple or complex as you can think of. Well, Google has figured out how to do the same. But instead of broadcasting poems or computer programs, … Read more

What do you do when you don’t feel a muscle working?

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When does an old iPhone become a security risk?

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How to shovel snow without hurting your back

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What’s new in Prime Video in February 2023

do you remember Carnival RowThis Prime video shows that, as far as you can remember, he was like a brave fairy procedural or something, and you’re pretty sure it starred Orlando Bloom and Kara Delevingne? You probably don’t, considering the first season was released nearly four years ago. Well, she’s back! Yay? Carnival Row Season … Read more

All types of erasers (and when to use them)

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The two biggest mistakes beginners make on the rowing machine

picture: Jacob Lund (stock struggle) When an experienced person uses a rowing machine, it’s almost a thing of beauty—a continuous rhythm, Their whole body is moving Back and forth continuously The numbers on the screen are getting higher and higher. So why when you get on, you immediately feel the chatpossible, And also Your back … Read more

These prices are expected to increase in 2023

picture: Denis Kurbatov (Clash) While this is true Inflation appears to be declining Since peaking in June, few things are looking forward to continuing higher prices this year. To get started, it helps to know what they actually mean when experts say “Inflation is falling.” the 6.5% inflation figure You see it in the headlines … Read more