The NCAA’s longest ever perfect slide

The longest (verifiable) streak of correct selections in an NCAA Tournament class to start the beloved March Madness Tournament is 49, a streak established in 2019. An Ohio State man correctly predicted the entire 2019 NCAA Tournament at the Sweet 16, something we haven’t seen in years of publicly verifiable online March Madness bracketing across … Read more

50 years (plus 1 day) on Syracuse radio airwaves: Meet CNY’s longest running DJ

Someone should make Bill Knowlton a fun poster – “Bluegrass: Disturbingly Good”. One of Knowlton’s colleagues at WCNY, host of the classical music station, described bluegrass to him that way many years ago. Knowlton loved it. “People say jazz is the only art form in America,” Knowlton said. “Bluegrass is something else.” Knowlton, 84, hosts … Read more