When will LeBron James set a record in the NBA?

Every conversation with LeBron James can turn into a discussion. He ushered in an era of star empowerment, but not all of his effects were positive. Maybe James is the best player ever, or maybe Michael Jordan is. There may not be an aspect of his game the greatest we’ve ever seen. Stephen Curry is … Read more

NBA Trade Deadline: What Shams Hears About Jacob Boltel, John Collins, Fred VanVleet & More

There’s less than a month left before the Feb. 9 NBA trade deadline, and with team executives ramping up conversations, notable names for this year’s market are starting to emerge. John Collins of Atlanta and Jay Crowder of Phoenix remain on the trading block, and discussions surrounding both are expected to continue to heat up … Read more

Aldridge: Is there a Summer of 2023 deal for LeBron James that makes sense? The art of the possible

The following is a thought exercise. Not only is it academic, but also it is, for this NBA season anyway, legally impossible. The 2022-23 trade deadline is Feb. 9. LeBron James signed his two-year, $97 million extension with the Lakers in mid-August of last year. Under the NBA’s rules, he can’t be traded until at … Read more

Why do NBA stars score so many points? Understanding the league’s scoring boom

If you’ve noticed the sharp rise in the signing of NBA stars lately, you’re not the only one. Two-time NBA defending champion Nikola Jokic sees it, too. Sometimes the Denver Nuggets need a 44-point three-pointer from Jokic, as he did against the Phoenix Suns on Christmas. On Thursday night, Jokić took notice when Utah Jazz … Read more