The HTC Vive XR Elite is a shape-shifting, lightweight luxury VR headset

As someone who considers Uniqlo an extravagance, the HTC Vive XR Elite might be the most expensive thing I’ll ever wear. Unveiled at CES 2023 and set for release in March, this is the first Vive VR headset in years with true PC gaming credentials, while borrowing from the more compact design of the Vive Flow VR glasses. I recently went to try it out here in London, with a thought flickering in my mind: even with a design lighter than the Vive Cosmos series, how could it be worth £1,299 / $1,099?

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7 mental health resolutions to help you thrive in 2023

3. Make time for fun every week Many people fill their lives with obligations and engage in activities they enjoy only when they have time left. Instead, Morin recommends scheduling time to have fun each week. See more health and wellness deals> {“hideCategory”: false,”useAlternateLanguage”:false,”headlineIconAltText”:””,”listItems”:[{“categoryTitle”:”Health \u0026 Wellness”,”categoryUrl”:”/membership/benefits/health/”,”categoryDeeplinkParam”:”healthandwellness”,”isLimitedTimeOffer”:false,”offerJson”:{“dbr_offer_id”:”9158e656e84ce8d55188b39247721643″,”source_name”:”AARP Members Only Access to Special Health Content”,”offer_title”:”\u003cp\u003eSpecial Content for … Read more

Dr. Zach Turner: The best exercise for weight loss

Weight loss exercises for all ages – and foods to avoid before a workout. photo/123RF Ask Dr. Zack is a weekly column that assists readers in their health and well-being endeavors. Question: Hey Dr. Zack, the only way to accomplish your New Year’s resolution is to do it with someone else, because you can make … Read more

Hyatt Regency: From Marriott to Hyatts to Le Meridien, luxury hotel assets stuck in bankruptcy courts

Hyatt Regency Mumbai; Image credit: summary A total of 118 companies from the hotel and hospitality sector are stuck in various stages of bankruptcy proceedings. The origins of the premium hotels also stuck. As these premium estates spend years in bankruptcy, the burden of maintaining them increases, leading to decay in some cases. As … Read more