February 1 Massive Sell-Off: Aftermath Brings Neither Bull Nor Bear In 2023

blightylad-infocus/iStock via Getty Images Market Crash, or New Bull Market? There is a Third Way Cause for optimism Over the years I spent a lot of time on where the market is taking us. I have either bravely or (some have said) irresponsibly made predictions on where the market was taking us last year. I … Read more

Virginia residents reject a massive solar farm plan for the third time, citing environmental concerns

A local jurisdiction in Northern Virginia has come close to rejecting a clean energy developer’s plan to build a massive 149 megawatt solar facility on a sprawling farmland for the third time in three years. The Culpeper County, Virginia, Planning Commission, a nine-member panel that reviews zoning and development proposals in the county, voted unanimously … Read more

Billions of celestial bodies have been revealed in a massive survey of the Milky Way

Dotted with stars and dark dust clouds, this image is a snippet—just a tiny flick—from the Dark Energy Camera’s (DECaPS2) Complete Survey of the Milky Way. The new dataset contains a staggering 3.32 billion celestial bodies – arguably the largest such catalog to date. Data for this unprecedented survey was taken using the US Department … Read more

Comcast’s response to T-Mobile’s Internet deal comes with a massive revelation

Comcast (CMCSA) – Get a free report Struggle whenever you face real competition. This is because the cable and internet giant enjoys a monopoly in most of its markets through deliberate design. Back in the 1980s, every community wanted to have cable television, but that required a lot of expensive infrastructure. Comcast and other companies … Read more

New imaging has discovered a cause of massive global warming 56 million years ago

Zoom in / Scientists are about to sink an ocean floor seismometer to the bottom of the Atlantic in 2021. Scientists have scanned a section of the North Atlantic Ocean and uncovered the remnants of what was a huge pulse of hot rock that caused the climate to warm rapidly 56 million years ago. The … Read more

Apple CEO Tim Cook will take a massive pay cut in 2023 after earning nearly $100 million last year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s compensation totaled $99.4 million in 2022, according to a proxy statement released by the company today. His compensation included a salary of $3 million, approximately $83 million in stock compensation, and $13.4 million in other forms of compensation. Cook’s total compensation in 2021 was $98.7 million. Cook will take a significant … Read more

California’s dilemma: How can you harness massive amounts of rain when water is scarce? Scientists say let it sink in.

CNN – California went from severe drought to severe flooding in a matter of days. On Monday, 90% of the state’s population was under flood watch as another round of storms passed. However, it was just last week when several counties in the state were experiencing quite the opposite—an exceptional drought, which the U.S. Drought … Read more

‘It’s a transfer of wealth’: Locals blow up massive Idaho wind project that will mostly export power to California

A proposed wind power project in Idaho that is awaiting approval by the Biden administration would threaten the main activities that the local area, the Daily Caller News Foundation, depends on. Home Secretary Deb Haaland described the wind project, which could generate up to 1,000 megawatts of power annually, as part of the Biden administration’s … Read more