Tennis great Roger Federer hangs from the ceiling wearing nothing but his underwear and swimming cap

Unfortunately, twenty-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer wasn’t at Melbourne Park for the Australian Open after retiring in September last year – and seeing what he’s been up to proves he can never be out of the tennis bubble. Instead, the 41-year-old immersed himself in the art world, with a sneak peek of a yet-to-be-released … Read more

Mock ‘book burning’ near Melbourne simulates loud book ban protests in Florida

Support the local press. Unlock unlimited digital access to Click here and sign up today. MELBOURNE — With the faces of state and local government officials cut out on poles large, community activists gathered around a bonfire made of cardboard and tissue paper to hold a mock “book burning” across the street from Melbourne … Read more

Mapping ‘ghost signals’ in Melbourne: ‘It’s become an obsession – I know it looks unhealthy!’ | Photography

wKeep walking around Melbourne for a little while and you’ll start seeing ghosts. Take a look at any old building in town or any faded suburban milk bar, and you’ll spot it: faded logos and signs of companies and products often long gone, telling the history of a building like the rings in a tree. … Read more

A Local’s Guide to Melbourne: “The best part is the element of surprise” | Melbourne

food While Melbourne’s fine dining scene is impressive, it’s the city’s multiculturalism that makes dining here so exciting. Sydney Street in Brunswick is a microcosm of this, a place where old Italian supermarkets mingle with Middle Eastern jewelers and hipster bars. Start with halloumi toast at Wide Open Road and then stroll along the strip, … Read more

Phoenix Suns, Jock Landale, contract, future, journey to NBA, Saint Mary’s college basketball, Australians in NBA

Jock Landale still remembers every part of the year he spent “slugging it out” in the mountains. From the backcountry runs and hikes to early mornings spent cutting up firewood, just so his unit could have showers. “The simplest way to put it,” he told, “is it turned me from a kid into a … Read more