Victor Navasky, The New York Times and a Key Moment in LGBT History | books

FifthEctor Navasky, who died this week at the age of 90, was best known for his books on McCarthy’s tenure in the 1950s and Robert Kennedy’s Justice Department in the 1960s, his longtime editorship of Nation magazine, and positions at Columbia University including chairing Columbia Journalism. . What almost no one remembers is how his … Read more

Analysis: Old-school Hollywood stars are having a moment, and it’s long overdue

A version of this story appeared in Pop Life Chronicles, CNN’s weekly entertainment newsletter. to get it in your inbox, Sign up for free here. CNN – Raise your hand if you’re late. (I raised my hands and feet.) Consider this week’s Pop Life a celebration of those who’ve found their groove — or a … Read more

Sir Lucien Groing’s payout speech was a “hallulujah moment” for the outpouring anti-fraud movement.

MBW’s next release comes from Nick Dunn (pictured inset), founder and CEO of UK-based marketing services and distributor, Horus Music. Horus, founded in 2006, has so far worked with over 30,000 artists and brands. It recently partnered with Beatbread to offer its customers access to the capital. When Sir Lucien Gring’s note to his staff … Read more

Sam Hubbard’s Heroic Run: Anatomy of the Bengals’ Saga, a Game-Changing Watershed Moment

CINCINNATI – Of the 120 plays that took place Sunday night in the AFC wild card game between the Ravens and Bengals, there is only one everyone will remember. Not just tomorrow, or a year from now, or even a decade from now. We talk forever. Sam Hubbard’s sparkling 98-yard touchdown return—the longest such game … Read more