Will Patrick Mahomes, whose bosses may be an underdog on Sunday, finally be left to lean on simple motivation?

At five years old, Patrick Mahomes has been making pop-ups before a game at Texas Rangers Stadium, where his father, Pat, assures his teammates that his son can handle it without getting injured. Soon he was coached by no less than Alex Rodriguez. “He was watching my swing and giving me pointers,” said Patrick. The … Read more

New Year’s exercise goals can be achieved by having fun

A study that followed people to see how long they stuck to their New Year’s fitness resolutions found that baseline motivation was an important factor when it came to sticking to goals. She also found that perseverance and the ability to adapt in the face of difficulty were not significant factors in whether or not … Read more

Don’t let SMART fitness goals stop you from dreaming big

picture: duet band g (stock struggle) If you had big aspirations for 2023—a big deadlift, a marathon, a change in your body size—I’m sure you didn’t translate those aspirations into the limited fail-the-box check of the SMART goal. but me an act I hope you’ve set yourself some SMART goals to guide you through the … Read more