In Defense of You People, the hit Netflix movie I Hated | Jonah Hill

tThe first movie on Netflix, You People, is being panned by major critics and Black Twitter is talking to the screen. Bottom line: They don’t buy any of it — not the cultural clash, not the casting and certainly not the chemistry between the two romantic leads. An over-the-top reinterpretation of the 1967 classic Guess … Read more

Jafar Jackson’s nephew Michael Jackson to play King of Pop in movie – Deadline

except: Michael Jackson will play the late icon’s 26-year-old nephew Jaffar Jackson in the Antoine Fuqua-directed biopic for Lionsgate. Fuqua just posted a confirmation on Instagram. The singer-songwriter is the son of Jermaine Jackson, brother of Michael and member of The Jackson 5. Jafar has been singing and dancing since the age of 12, and … Read more

The announcement date for the new DC Superhero movie has been revealed

A new report may have been revealed when James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DC Studios announce the first projects in their new DCU slate. Gunn and Safran have led DC Studios since November 1, 2022, and have spent the past three months crafting a slate for the new DCU. So far, fans have only picked … Read more

A US Army vet returns the Man of Steel to his stardom roots in the upcoming fan movie ‘Superman: Solar’

Surprise fan movie starring The Man of Steel has a new trailer and an interesting backstory. Andrew List of A-List Productions, a US Army veteran and preeminent content creator, co-produced based on his crowdfunded vision of the American icon, Superman: Solar Energy, last year, and it should see a release of some sort this year. … Read more

With his new movie Speak to Me, Dix Hills artist Kurt Damas hopes to shed light on men’s mental health

The grief that followed the death of his close friend Kurt Damas last year changed his view of mental health. He said the loss he suffered was a catalyst for Damas, who also lost his uncle, to write and direct a film that he hopes will help start a conversation about mental health, especially among … Read more

M3GAN, Netflix’s You People, and every new movie you can watch at home

M3GAN Fans rejoice (“M3FANs”): The supreme queen bee of doll-based brutality finally made its way to VOD this weekend. If watching a spooky plasticine kid perform infectious dance moves before proceeding to butcher a man with a makeshift machete doesn’t quite sound like your kind of vibe, don’t worry; There are plenty of new releases … Read more

Canceled Madonna movie ‘already cost Universal Studios up to $12 million before gut check moment’

Madonna’s canned biography netted Universal an estimated $12 million, a Hollywood source EXCLUSIVELY told The US Sun. Universal Pictures canceled the project this week after the Queen of Pop, 64, announced a major world tour, though the decision is believed to have been made before then. 4 Madonna’s canned biography left Universal with less than … Read more

Make a movie: How to create and edit videos in iMovie on your phone

Apple’s iModvie software is a reliable way to edit and customize your videos on your Mac, but if you need an on-the-go solution, iMovie mobile app(opens in a new window) The iPhone and iPad are a good choice for beginners and advanced editors alike. The application allows you to create projects by adding videos or … Read more

The Perfect Popcorn Movie – The Atlantic

This is a copy of Atlantic Ocean A daily newsletter that walks you through the biggest stories of the day, helps you discover new ideas, and recommends the best in culture. Sign up here. Good morning, and welcome back to the cultural edition of The Daily’s Sunday newspaper, which has one Atlantic The writer reveals … Read more

Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill’s Netflix movie gets No. 1 ratings

Comedy legend Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill’s new Netflix comedy R You peopleThe first reviews are in – and they don’t look good. The movie currently has a score of 33% Rotten tomatoeswith most critics crushing the film in their reviews. For example, detour“While their take on race relations in the 21st century seems aimed … Read more