How NASA Selects the Next Astronauts to Walk on the Moon | Sciences

NASA has 42 current astronauts to choose from for a potential mission to the moon. Illustration by Emily Lankiewicz/NASA/Bill Ingalls During the Apollo program, the United States sent 12 astronauts to the moon; They are all men and they are all white. These Americans, largely drawn from the ranks of the US Navy and Air … Read more

NASA unveils plan for the James Webb Space Telescope

A little over a year ago, when NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope went live, dominating the headlines of even the mainstream media, it seemed like the beginning of a new era. Equipped with infrared sensors and crowned with 18 gold-coated mirrors, JWST reminded the world that even though most of us are stuck on Earth, … Read more

NASA The first planet discovered by the James Webb Space Telescope

The recently launched James Webb Space Telescope–a high-resolution camera with the potential to capture far more detail about space than ever before–has discovered its first planet, and experts say it has surprising similarities to Earth. However, the “exoplanets,” called LHS 475 b, contain information that could change astronomers’ understanding of the universe. (The Webb telescope, … Read more

The United States and Japan Sign an Agreement on Space Cooperation at NASA Headquarters – “The Future of Space is Collaborative”

Illustration of a gateway in lunar orbit with contributions from international partners. Credit: NASA/Alberto Bertolin during an event he hosted[{” attribute=””>NASA Administrator Bill Nelson and Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy at the agency’s Headquarters in Washington on Friday, January 13, representatives from the United States and Japan gathered to sign an agreement that builds on a … Read more

NASA needs your help finding alien worlds

You can help NASA discover new planets using your personal telescope or even just your smartphone. The space agency’s Exoplanet Watch program is seeking citizen scientists to help track planets outside our solar system, also known as outer planets. Participants can use their telescopes to search for exoplanets or study data from other telescopes using … Read more

NASA wants the NASA Exoplanet Observatory to help you study planets around other stars

It’s no secret that the study of exoplanets has exploded since the turn of the century. Whereas astronomers knew of fewer than a dozen exoplanets twenty years ago, thousands of planet candidates are available for study today. In fact, as of January 13, 2023, a total of 5,241 planets have been confirmed in 3,916 star … Read more

NASA just discovered a rare Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone: ScienceAlert

When it comes to finding life outside our solar system, planets that closely resemble Earth seem like a good place to start. We can now welcome TOI celestial body 700 e to that group of promising leads. TOI 700 e has been confirmed to be orbiting within the habitable zone of its star, TOI 700. … Read more

NASA discovers a second Earth-sized planet orbiting in the habitable zone of its star

Article The newly discovered Earth-sized planet TOI 700 e orbits within the habitable zone of its star in this illustration. Its Earth-sized sister, TOI 700 d, can be seen from a distance. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Robert Hurt Scientists have discovered another Earth-sized world that orbits its star within the habitable zone and could have liquid water … Read more

The James Webb Space Telescope finds the first exoplanet

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news of amazing discoveries, scientific advances, and more. CNN – The James Webb Space Telescope could add another cosmic achievement to its list: the space observatory was used to confirm the existence of an exoplanet for the first time. The celestial body is … Read more

Emory researchers teamed up with NASA to test heart cells in microgravity

researchers in Emory University School of Medicine and Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta are working with NASA to experiment with heart cells on the International Space Station. search temptation To test whether microgravity, or the condition Where persons or things appear to be weightless, Accelerates the growth of heart cells to generate better cells for heart … Read more