What would a $20 bill look like if it had a native woman front and center on it?

For Mi’kmaw Tracey Metallic artist, the late Margaret (Pictou) LaBillois is one of her heroes. That’s why she chose to feature them in a design challenge to reimagine Canadian banknotes with inspiring Aboriginal women. The Aboriginal Women’s Association of Canada runs the Changing Bills project as a way to promote the contributions and achievements of … Read more

In The Sweet Spot, Dallas native Amy Buble finds humor in the challenges women face

Amy Buble’s stories from Dallas are filled with warmth and humor. Her fourth book is no exception. sweet spot, scheduled for January 31, features artist Lorraine and Professor Liu and their children, in-laws, friends and foes. It is largely set in the New York City brownstone that houses a neighborhood bar downstairs. A job opportunity … Read more

Ancient DNA Blueprints: Native American Journeys to Asia Thousands of Years Ago | Sciences

Tomb with analyzed bones. Nadezhda V. Stepanova Whether by walking a land bridge or traveling by boat, hunter-gatherers ventured out of eastern Eurasia around 20,000 to 30,000 years ago to become the first Americans. But the transcontinental trip was not a one-way trip. Genetic studies show several times in history that Native Americans moved back … Read more