Rocket Trading 2.0 Scenarios: What I’m Hearing About John Collins, Miles Turner, and More

Summer is coming. While this may be a somewhat cheesy nod to Game of Thrones, it is an important reminder of the change that is on the horizon for the Houston Rockets. The 11-37 franchise is once again designed for a big lottery pick—the spoils of a rebuild—but over the coming months, that roster will … Read more

NBA trade deadline: Could the Celtics be in the market for a help in Frontcourt?

With the trade deadline approaching, the Celtics have good reason to feel confident. They lead the NBA with a record of 35-14, on their way to the team’s highest winning percentage in a season in over a decade. They have the best net rating of the league at +5.9. They performed at a higher level … Read more

When will LeBron James set a record in the NBA?

Every conversation with LeBron James can turn into a discussion. He ushered in an era of star empowerment, but not all of his effects were positive. Maybe James is the best player ever, or maybe Michael Jordan is. There may not be an aspect of his game the greatest we’ve ever seen. Stephen Curry is … Read more

2023 NBA trade deadline buyer’s guide: What each contender needs, how they’ll get it, and what they’ll give up

Getty Images You’ve likely heard it repeated that this NBA season has no obvious frontrunner, but the parity runs quite a bit deeper. We could, in fact, argue that this season contains more parity than any other in NBA history. Here are some relevant numbers: The Boston Celtics lead the NBA with a net rating … Read more

Sacramento Kings victory ray: More than a happy story or a rallying cry

Sacramento, Calif. – Few words can bring the Sacramento athletic community together more than these three: “Light the beam!” The Sacramento Kings have acceded to that request several times this season, lighting a ray of victory and placing themselves among the top three in the NBA’s Western Conference standings. For those unfamiliar, Sacramento shines lasers … Read more

Khris Middleton is back, and so are the Bucks’ real-life NBA championship predictions

DETROIT — It’s been 280 days since the Milwaukee Bucks said they were complete, 280 days from the day Chris Middleton injured his wrist in their first-round series against Chicago, 280 days from the day their chances of a re-championship slipped. sink. But Middleton’s emergence after the on-and-off season so far has been a sight … Read more

Evaluating the Raptors at the NBA Trade Deadline: Hollinger and Curren

As the February 9 NBA trade deadline approaches, the Toronto Raptors have emerged as one of the most formidable teams in the league. If they decide this team, 21-27 and 11 in the Eastern Conference heading into Monday’s games, doesn’t have a future and put up four of the most experienced rookies on the market, … Read more

How NBA Teams Recreate The Post-Watch

Wings like Jason Tatum are part of the NBA’s new generation of post-followers. Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images The NBA is in the midst of an offensive explosion, with 14 of the top 15 historic offensive ratings for teams coming in the past four seasons. The Boston Celtics currently boast the third-best offensive ranking in NBA history, … Read more

2023 NBA Trade Deadline | Report: Nas Red draws interest from Clippers and Nuggets

Nearly eight months after being hired away from the Denver Nuggets as president of basketball operations for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Tim Connelly may be able to catch up with his former teammates in the near future. In a Monday morning article from HoopsHype, Michael Scotto mentioned that Timberwolves center Naz Reid is of interest to … Read more

Watch the NBA trade deadline and more

1:00 p.m. ET Andre SnellingsESPN Here are some Monday thoughts from Hoops Lab, as we gear up for week 15 of the fantasy basketball season. Keep in mind that the Fantasy Basketball Rest of Season standings also update on Mondays, so check these rankings as you gear up for this week’s matches. Between the ratings … Read more