The Academy is now conducting a “review” of Andrea Riseborough’s nomination to Leslie

Andrea Riseboroughpicture: Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage (Getty Images) Motion Picture Academy Arts and Sciences issued a statement this afternoon, revealing that “Carry out a review of the campaign procedures for this year’s candidates, to ensure that no guidelines have been breached, and to advise us whether changes to the guidelines are needed in the new era … Read more

German Critics Oscar Nominee All Quiet on the Western Front | Movies

wWith nine Academy Award nominations and a leading 14 Bafta Film Awards wins next month, it could become the most decorated German film of all time. But in its native land, Edward Berger’s All Quiet On the Western Front left critics distinctly unimpressed. The film, which has been commissioned by Netflix and released on the … Read more

The Academy is conducting a review after Andrea Riseborough’s Oscar sleep

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences confirmed Friday that it is “conducting a review of campaign procedures” in the wake of Andrea Riseborough’s surprise Oscar nomination for the small independent film “To Leslie.” The Academy released a statement on Friday regarding the campaign, though it didn’t mention “To Leslie” specifically. “The Academy’s goal … Read more

How do you watch the Super Bowl?

picture: Pobel Arseny (Clash) The NFL season is almost over, which means the Super Bowl is just around the corner. We’re still waiting to see who comes out at Super Bowl 57. Last year’s Super Bowl drew over 112 million users, and this year could bring in even bigger numbers with the advent of live … Read more

Flora and his animal son

(clockwise from bottom left:) Go varsity at Mariachi, Flora and my son, my animal (Courtesy of the Sundance Film Festival)The drawing: av club With most of the big premieres behind him, the 2023 Sundance Film Festival It switches to a lower gear before its final day on January 29. Those still on the grounds in … Read more

Maverick’s Oscar nominations are getting a divided response from the internet

residence Movie news Top Gun: Maverick’s Oscar nominations are getting a divided response from the internet Top Gun: Maverick earned six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, but they’re getting a divided response from the internet. Top Gun: Maverick He has six Academy Award nominations ahead of the 2023 Academy Awards, but the internet is … Read more

Interview with Anna Kendrick, star of Alice, Darling

Anna Kendrickpicture: Paul Morigi/Getty Images for History (Getty Images) Anna Kendrick is not one to shy away from bluntness or vulnerability. It’s part of what makes her one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities off camera, even as the Oscar, Tony, and Emmy nominated star continues to dazzle on camera. her latest movies, Alice, Darlingis the perfect … Read more

Colin Farrell thought “Alexander” would win an Oscar

Colin Farrell alluded to the critical reaction to 2004’s “Alexander” in a recent Roundtable interview. The star said he was convinced during the production of the Oliver Stone movie that he would win an Oscar. It resulted in him hiding out at a ski resort for three days. loading Something is loading. Thank you for … Read more