Pathan Pastoral Vision

Environmentalism is a word that is often misunderstood these days – someone who espouses wildlife protection is seen as elitist oblivious to the plight of hill-dwellers who face the brunt of human-animal conflicts. As a result, many of the Greens were in the back, fearing a public reaction, and some even jumped to the other … Read more

With Shahrukh Khan’s comeback with Pathan, fan clubs are booking theaters to celebrate Shah Rukh Khan’s festival amid amazing advance booking

the actor Shahrukh Khanreturn vehicle Pathan Bringing joy to his fans and apparently at the box office. As per reports, the film has already garnered more than Rs 50 crore in advance bookings for the first week. The star chose the action-adventure thriller V Pathan This could be the beginning of SRK 2.0. To understand … Read more