‘Reflection of the People’: Looking Back at 50 Years of Hip-Hop | Photography

“Hip-hop was a movement of people who didn’t consider creative value to be valuable,” said Sasha Jenkins, creative director of Mass Appeal magazine and co-curator of an expanded new exhibition. In celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, Fotografiska New York showcases more than 200 images spanning five decades of culture, curated by Jenkins and Sally Berman, … Read more

Common mistakes in wildlife photography (and how to avoid them)

Wildlife photography can be challenging and rewarding, but it can also be frustrating. This type is fraught with obstacles, many of which you cannot control. The perfect shot from your hideout might be spoiled by an unexpectedly loud noise, or bad weather might send people home to their nest, where you’d also rather be. These … Read more

12 wildlife photography tips to take your shots to the next level

Are you a passionate wildlife photographer looking to improve your photos? You are in the right place. Apart from having a genuine interest in nature and mastering camera settings, you must know a few things to be a successful wildlife photographer. From finding the right gear to proper etiquette and everything in between, here are … Read more

The legendary Pier 24 Photography in SF is to close permanently

Pier 24 Photography, the expansive museum that displays the collection of its founder, Andy Pillara, announced Friday that it will close when its lease with the Port of San Francisco expires in July 2025. The Pilara Foundation, which constructed the abandoned pier near Bay Bridge and opened as a quiet haven for the photographic arts … Read more

JT wedding photos, Joe Borough golf photography, newborns on the PGA Tour

by: Claire Rogers January 23, 2023 Indulge yourself in a game of golf for the week David Cannon, Erica Denhoff, and Jason Kennedy Hello from snowy Boston, my friends, and welcome to another edition of the Rogers Report. It’s been quite a while since I last wrote, so I’ve compiled some golf housekeeping notes before … Read more

Reviewing the best indoor security cameras for 2023

Nothing is more important than keeping you and your family safe. And while no one can predict the unpredictable, we can take some measures to help. Peace of mind and that extra layer of security can be had thanks to a number of great options for indoor home security cameras. No longer are fancy security … Read more

Neff discovers her passion for wildlife photography | News, sports, jobs

PHOTOGRAPH BY BEN NEF – Ben Neff, pictured, is an amateur wildlife photographer based in rural Peyman, who shoots around central Iowa. BEAMAN – Ben Neff, a 2014 BCLUW high school graduate who lives on his family’s farm near Beaman, gets pretty busy during the day at John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group in Urbandale, but … Read more

Mapping ‘ghost signals’ in Melbourne: ‘It’s become an obsession – I know it looks unhealthy!’ | Photography

wKeep walking around Melbourne for a little while and you’ll start seeing ghosts. Take a look at any old building in town or any faded suburban milk bar, and you’ll spot it: faded logos and signs of companies and products often long gone, telling the history of a building like the rings in a tree. … Read more

The End of Boston’s Dirty and Dangerous Orange Line – Best Picture by Jack Lueders Booth | Photography

The Orange Line is part of Boston’s public transit system. It opened in 1901. Most of it was underground but the last four miles, in the southwest of town, I exited in Chinatown and went up to Forest Hills. By the early 1980s, this section of elevated rail had become run-down, filthy, and dangerous, inadvertently … Read more