What I hear about potential Opening Day roster for the Pirates

Pittsburgh – Derek Shelton hates talking about the lineup. This is probably because no one changes their lineup as often as a Pirates manager. Over his first three seasons, Shilton averaged 153 lineups per 162 games. The main reason for this is that Shelton relied more on the platoon advantage than any other manager. According … Read more

UMass Chan researchers have achieved a gene therapy milestone for a potential treatment of Cockayne syndrome

Researchers working with the UMass Chan School of Medicine’s Translational Institute for Molecular Therapy report progress in developing a vector to deliver gene replacement therapy in mouse models of Cockayne syndrome, a rare and fatal neurodegenerative disease that largely affects children and young adults. This proof-of-concept milestone for an adenovirus (AAV) vector gives hope to … Read more

Best and Worst NFL Landing Spots for Potential QBs Changing Teams in 2023 | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors

Best and Worst NFL Landing Spots for Potential QBs Changing Teams in 2023 0 of 8 Patrick McDermott/Getty Images The NFL may be about to experience an offseason unlike anything it has ever seen. It’s a quarterback-driven league, and the amount of change that may occur behind center over the next few months could leave … Read more

CRISPR’s wild first decade is only scratching the surface of its potential

Ten years ago, a little-known bacterial defense mechanism catapulted itself to fame as a powerful genome editor. In the decade since, CRISPR-Cas9 technology has created multiple variants, expanding into a comprehensive toolbox that can tweak life’s genetic code. Far from the pursuit of an ivory tower, its practical uses in research, healthcare, and agriculture came … Read more

The ESG Muni Bonds Market has great potential

Yield use bonds have been the most popular form of municipal ESG bond issuance described in the US, and this market segment has significant potential under the United Nations-backed principles of responsible investment. The Institutional Revolutionary Party said in a report, ESG Thematic Approach to US Municipal Bonds, The US municipal bond market is one … Read more

IT news online – Fujitsu quantum simulator evaluates vulnerability of RSA cipher system to potential threat of quantum computer cryptography

JCN Newswire2023-01-23 TOKYO, Jan. 23, 2023 — (JCN Newswire) — With concerns growing surrounding the potential threat quantum computing poses to existing cryptographic methods, Fujitsu today revealed that it has conducted successful experiments evaluating the widely used RSA cipher(1) for its potential for vulnerability. To crack the code by quantum computers. Fujitsu conducted the experiments … Read more