Researchers have discovered a new quantum state

Cryostat is used to achieve temperatures up to 20 mK. Credit: HZDR/Jürgen Jeibmann Research team includes[{” attribute=””>Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) has discovered a quantum state where water remains liquid even at extremely low temperatures. The team, consisting of experts from the Institute of Solid State Physics at the University of Tokyo in Japan, Johns Hopkins University … Read more

Researchers find ways to improve the storage time of quantum information in a spin-rich material

Artist’s impression of the spin of an electron in a quantum dot, interspersed with light and the highly coupled nuclear spin (seen through a lens). Credit: Leon Zaborski – University of Cambridge An international team of scientists has demonstrated a leap in preserving quantum coherence for quantum dot qubits as part of a global push … Read more

Quantum physicists determine how to control two quantum light sources instead of one

Illustration of two slides comprising two entangled quantum light sources. Credit: Peter Luddell In a new breakthrough, researchers at the University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with Ruhr University Bochum, have solved a problem that has been causing quantum researchers headaches for years. Researchers can now control two quantum light sources instead of just one. As … Read more

The team uses quantum sensors to detect how optical currents flow to Lowell

A team of researchers at Boston College discovered that the photocurrent flows (shown in blue) along the axis of a single crystal of a Weyl semi-metal and flows out (shown in yellow/orange) along the vertical axis, represented here as the result of a new technique the team developed using quantum magnetic field sensors. To visualize … Read more

Experts say RSA’s demise from quantum attacks is highly exaggerated

Three weeks ago, panic gripped some corners of the security world after researchers discovered a hack that finally put cracking the widely used RSA encryption system within reach using quantum computing. Scientists and cryptographers have known for two decades that a method of analysis known as the Shore algorithm makes it theoretically possible for a … Read more

IT news online – Fujitsu quantum simulator evaluates vulnerability of RSA cipher system to potential threat of quantum computer cryptography

JCN Newswire2023-01-23 TOKYO, Jan. 23, 2023 — (JCN Newswire) — With concerns growing surrounding the potential threat quantum computing poses to existing cryptographic methods, Fujitsu today revealed that it has conducted successful experiments evaluating the widely used RSA cipher(1) for its potential for vulnerability. To crack the code by quantum computers. Fujitsu conducted the experiments … Read more

Why this universe? Maybe not special – just possible

Cosmologists have spent For decades you’ve struggled to understand why the universe is so amazing. Not only is it smooth and flat as far as we can see, but it’s also expanding at an ever-increasingly slow pace, when naive calculations suggest that – out of the Big Bang – space should have been gravitationally collapsed … Read more

The researchers demonstrated co-propagation of quantum and classical signals

The experimental setup (Fig. 1) used to evaluate co-propagation consisted of a DWDM comb composed of sixty 100 Gb/s DP-QPSK (double polarization quadruple shift switch) channels ranging from 1533.6 to 1557 nm (with 50 GHz spacing) and sent to an Aux input ( Rx) for Alice’s side station. Credit: Orange Innovation department in France In … Read more