Lavender Raises $13.2M for Its AI-Powered Email Marketing Engine TechCrunch

Years ago, Will Allred and William Balance were developing a technology platform, Sorter, to apply personality psychology and communication to marketing campaigns. Just as Sorter was heading to market, the pandemic hit—and marketing budgets froze. With a week of funding left, Allred and Ballance pivoted, reassembling their technology to work on Gmail in what they … Read more

Supernormal raises $10M to auto-text and summarize meetings • TechCrunch

Generative AI is the buzzword in the tech industry right now. No wonder — venture capital firm Sequoia predicted not long ago that generative AI, which consists of artificial intelligence that can generate text, art, and more prompts, could produce trillions of dollars in economic value in the long run. Is this just an optimistic … Read more

A new invention of nanomaterials raises the possibility of phone battery recycling

Engineers at RMIT University have made mobile phone battery recycling possible with a new rust removal invention. Thanks to a nanomaterials innovation developed by RMIT University engineers, instead of throwing away portable batteries after two or three years, a mobile phone battery can be recycled, extending its life to three times longer than today’s technology. … Read more

The song Babel from FST raises difficult issues about the future of humanity

In her new play “Babel,” which launches a long-delayed new season of Florida Studio Theatre’s Phase 3 series, Jacqueline Goldfinger poses some provocative, challenging, and difficult personal questions about the future of the human race. FST helped develop the play and planned to first produce it as part of the National New Play Network’s circulating … Read more

Clark raises his record No. 10 Virginia Hockey 78-68

Kaihi Clark had 20 points and became Virginia’s career wins leader as a player with No. 111 as the No. 10 Virginia Tech Cavaliers lost their sixth straight, 78-68 Wednesday night. Virginia Tech Virginia basketball Kihei Clark of Virginia, left, celebrates after a basket against Virginia Tech during the second half of an NCAA college … Read more

The viral video of an unhoused person in Khartoum raises concerns and questions for help for the mentally ill

San Francisco (KGO) – The cellphone video of an unhoused person being sprayed with a hose by a San Francisco art gallery owner raises many questions and concerns. Local leaders say the individual is now getting help. But what about people on the street who suffer from severe mental illness? Some possible options include conservatorship … Read more

Live Updates: The Eurozone’s record low unemployment rate raises the possibility of higher interest rates

Amid the economic gloom and ongoing conflict in Ukraine, there are signs that things are returning to normal. The Golden Globes are back this week at their home in Los Angeles, after interruptions over a lack of diversity led to last year’s cancellation of the event. Looking ahead, world leaders, business leaders and economic thinkers … Read more

Property management startup Doorstead raises $21.5M Series B • TechCrunch

To get a roundup of the biggest and most important TechCrunch stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3pm PST, head over to TechCrunch. Subscribe here. We’ve come to Friday! If you’re looking for a good podcast episode, I highly recommend Equity today where Natasha MAnd Mary Ann And pica Talk about CES, NYE, … Read more