Khris Middleton is back, and so are the Bucks’ real-life NBA championship predictions

DETROIT — It’s been 280 days since the Milwaukee Bucks said they were complete, 280 days from the day Chris Middleton injured his wrist in their first-round series against Chicago, 280 days from the day their chances of a re-championship slipped. sink. But Middleton’s emergence after the on-and-off season so far has been a sight … Read more

The best sci-fi movie of 2023 reveals a surprising real-life threat

in M3GANThe blonde-haired robot with a sweet voice at its center has been programmed to be the perfect companion for a child. But then the murders begin. The new movie from the house Director Gerard Johnston W malignant Screenwriter Akila Cooper, is the latest to tap into cinema’s deep-rooted fears of machine rebellion. The classic … Read more