An online fan casts new Rick and Morty voices after Roiland’s dismissal

residence the news An online fan casts new Rick and Morty voices after Roiland’s dismissal After Justin Roiland was fired from the series, the online team of fans is pitching potential new Rick and Morty voices in the future. Although dismissal Rick and Morty Justin Roiland co-creator Justin Roiland following felony domestic violence allegations Adult … Read more

The Vancouver Canucks did Bruce Boudreau hire Rick Touchett

The Vancouver Canucks fired Bruce Boudreau in the most publicly embarrassing way.picture: Getty Images For an organization that has spent almost its entire existence making anything happen, how much hype Vancouver Canucks breed It is definitely oversized. Three Stanley Cup Finals lost is the sum of their 53-year existence, and yet the drama they create … Read more

Yes, High On Life’s T-Rex Is Real (And You Can Stream It)

picture: Greenline Productions I wander into my character’s bedroom high on life And I’m so high I forgot what to do. Something about the bonus? Aliens? I do not know. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, groovier music drifts into my character’s room. I am transfixed by the soulful singing of a dinosaur man. She … Read more

The Creative Act by Rick Rubin Review – Life Lessons from a Bearded Master of Rhythm | Music books

IIf Rick Rubin wrote a memoir, it would be a great story. The American mega-producer co-founded the hip-hop label Def Jam from his college dorm in the 1980s and produced early recordings for LL Cool J (credit: “Reduced by Rick Rubin”) and the Beastie Boys. Soon, though, Robin began spreading his signature essence to the … Read more