The lucky girl syndrome: The science behind the new TikTok trend that’s reshaping your brain

“I am a lucky girl.” “Only good things happen to me.” Or at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself ever since I came across TikTok’s latest viral hashtag, Lucky Girl Syndrome, which has over 195 million views. The concept is simple: Tell yourself you’re lucky—so lucky that only good things happen to you. Then … Read more

What happens when science puts the universe to music?

Just over six months ago, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) presented its first images, dazzling the world as it revealed the universe in brilliant technical colours. The first image, sent back in July, showed a galaxy cluster in the southern hemisphere sky, 5.12 billion light-years from Earth. In the words of US President Joe … Read more

The Emerging Pathogens Initiative at HHMI aims to initiate the science in addressing future pandemics

summary Thirteen project teams comprising 70 scientists from 29 institutions collaborate on basic research targeting preparedness for future emerging pathogens that could threaten human health. Howard Hughes Medical Institute is dedicating $100 million to the New Emerging Pathogens Initiative to support basic research targeting preparedness for emerging pathogens that could threaten human health in the … Read more

Do individuals with sharp attitudes toward science overestimate their understanding of scientific matters?

In a recent study published in PLoS Biologythe researchers investigated whether individuals with extreme attitudes, negative or positive, show a greater likelihood of believing they understand science and whether attitudes are contingent upon technological specifications. Study: People with more extreme attitudes toward science are more confident in their understanding of science, even if it is … Read more

Can spicy food boost gut health? That’s what the science says

when is he coming To ask questions about health and longevity, many researchers have turned to the gut microbiome—the community of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi that live in the human gut—for answers. Scientists are just beginning to understand the many ways the microbiome affects our health, but early evidence suggests that it … Read more

Graduate student Caitlan Smith reflects on Lumpy’s legacy while embarking on curiosity-driven science

Pharmacology graduate student Caitlan Smith recently obtained a variety supplement from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) to study the effects of aging and necrosis. She shares her resilient journey with scientific research while contemplating Lumpy’s roots. Caitlan Smith, PhD student in the Department of Pharmacology at the United Nations University School of Medicine It’s … Read more

There’s a science to how often you should change your workout routine: ScienceAlert

People asking for exercise advice are usually looking for a simple answer. Do this more. Do this thing a lot, for a long time. Get these winnings. In fact, things are never so simple. This is certainly true of the age-old question of how often one should change up one’s exercise routine. Unfortunately, there is … Read more

Scientists create a genetic ‘pen’ that corrects common heart conditions | Science and Technology

Gene editing technologies that have revolutionized medicine since 2016 can also be used to treat common heart diseases, the number one cause of death in humans, according to a study recently published by one of the world’s leading scientists, Eric Olson, Ph.D. , from the United States. His team was able to modify two letters … Read more

Solving Einstein’s riddle with an ‘easy’ solution that allows time travel to ‘go back to your past’ | Science | News

General Relativity: A cosmologist discusses Einstein’s theory It is believed that traveling back in time is physically impossible. However, according to astrophysicist Dr. Paul Sutter of Ohio State University, scientists have envisioned universes where this might not only be possible, but “easy” — and all it takes is a round universe. This idea was found … Read more