The community-funded Northwest Side Mental Health Clinic comes to Logan Square

LOGAN SQUARE – Plans to open a community-funded mental health clinic on the Northwest Side have taken a leap forward as project leaders secured a site for the facility after years of planning and advocacy. The group that led the effort last month signed a lease for a storefront at 3557 W. Armitage Avenue in … Read more

Accrington 1-3 Leeds: Jack Harrison, Junior Firpo and Luis Sinistra score Jesse Marsh’s side into the FA Cup fifth round | football news

Leeds progressed to the fifth round of the FA Cup thanks to goals from Jack Harrison, Junior Firpo and Luis Sinistera in a 3-1 win over Accrington of the Premier League. The score doesn’t tell the whole story after the hosts enjoyed the best of the first half, but fell behind when Harrison fired home … Read more

Chiefs and Bengals streak continues to bounce back for AFC title game: Why it was moved and how it made history on Sensei’s side

There is something about the Chiefs’ upcoming AFC Championship game that is different from their previous four championship games in their current career. Kansas City, a favorite for each of the past four years, opened as the favorite again this season, but the streak was flipped early in the week as KC became a 1.5-point … Read more

The investigation reveals the murkier side of the AI ​​chatbot, ChatGPT

A time investigation has revealed the murkier side of the AI ​​chatbot industry, highlighting how at least one startup uses questionable practices to improve its technology. The Time report, published on Wednesday, focuses on Microsoft-powered OpenAI and chatbot ChatGPT, a technology that’s been gaining a lot of attention lately for its impressive ability to produce … Read more

A man asks if he’s the flick for refusing to get up in the middle of the night to take care of his baby, and the internet is on his side

One of the most heard things when it comes to becoming a dad – bye sleep! Kids aren’t used to our modern lifestyles, with eight hours of sleep, then three full meals a day, two hours of TV, and so on. They are hardly accustomed to living as it is, and it is the parents’ … Read more

A profitable side business from 2022 takes less than 15 hours per week

It’s too soon to call 2022 the year of the side hustle: Research shows that more Americans are likely to start their own businesses in 2023. Two out of five Americans will create or maintain at least one additional source of income in 2022, according to a survey by The Harris Poll and workflow integrator … Read more

House vote to stop IRS from hiring 87,000 new agents causes uproar online: “Which side are you on?”

Twitter users responded strongly to the passage of the new Republican-majority House of Representatives bill to cap the proposed 87,000-strong IRS employee increase. Fox News Digital reported Monday that Congress voted to “repeal more than $70 billion in funding for the Internal Revenue Service,” fulfilling a promise by “newly elected Speaker of the House Kevin … Read more