Deforestation puts pressure on the elusive Chacon bovine in South America | wild animals

tThe Chacon bovine is so elusive that scientists thought it was extinct until its “discovery” in 1975. Today, only 3,000 remain in the inhospitable forests and shallow lakes of the Gran Chaco region, which stretches across northern Argentina, Paraguay, and southern Bolivia, and includes more than 50 systems. different environmental. Michaela Camino, who works with … Read more

Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen announces a US (US) and South African Task Force to Combat Wildlife Trafficking Financing

Download the logo As part of her meeting with South African officials, Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen announced a commitment between the US Treasury Department and the South African National Treasury to form a US-South Africa Task Force to Combat Wildlife Trafficking Financing. . The Task Force will work to combat illicit financing linked to … Read more

‘We May Have Lost the South’: What LBJ Really Said About the Democrats in 1964 | books

tThe Civil Rights Act of 1964 was one of the most important pieces of legislation in American history, providing protections and rights that had long been denied to black Americans. Like the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and Medicare for the Elderly, he was a pillar of the great Lyndon Johnson community. The Civil Rights … Read more

The US Navy presents a virtual reality SEAL experience in South Florida high schools

CELEBRATION, FL (January 22, 2019) Celebration High School students participate in the Navy’s virtual reality asset, Nimitz, during the evolution of the Navy Recruiting Command’s Orlando “Squadron”. Eighty-one recruits from the Navy’s recruiting command, the Navy’s recruiting districts of Jacksonville and Nimitz, are assembling a “Marshal Team,” a new recruiting strategy in support of the … Read more

Safety and wildlife needs are featured in the Highway 93 South Lulu Study

Martin Kidston (present-day Missoula) A transportation study on U.S. Highway 93 between Lolo and Florence is in its final phase and is expected to produce a number of recommendations to improve safety and reduce the number of wildlife collisions within the trail. Sarah Nicolay, project engineer for Robert Becchia and Associates in Helena, said recommendations … Read more

Childhood: A Biography Review of a Place – A Classic from the Deep South | Autobiographical books

IThe cult fa writer’s aura lasts long enough, and their work may live up to the status of Penguin Classics. In Leas, that’s what happened to Harry Crews, author of several Southern Gothic novels inhabited by whimsy and sentiment, including his most famous novel, Snakes feast. Born in Georgia in 1935, Cruz passed away in … Read more

Commercial real estate in South Florida is outperforming other markets

From left: Stephen Schwarzman of Blackstone and Sebastian Juncadella of Fairchild next to the International Trade Center in Miami at 8181 NW 14th Street in Doral (Getty Images, Google Maps, Linkedin/Sebastian Juncadella) Speaking to a hall full of fellow dealmakers, South Florida brokers had a simple message: Our market is better than the rest. Here … Read more

Jimin set the internet on fire with his latest South Korean photoshoot. The military fell in love with his avatar

While the members of the Korean boy band BTS Known for their music, they’re also known for their incredibly good looks. Be it Jimin, Jin, J-Hope or Jungkook – their fans love them for their good looks and understand them as if there is no tomorrow. Well, ARMY (as BTS fans are known) is currently … Read more