Big Football Players presents a special night for young footballers in the area

Just 10 or so years ago, Alabama offensive guard Emil Equor Jr. was like many of the young football kids running now tonight at Pen-Air Stadium at the University of West Florida. “I look at guys who’ve played college ball and maybe go to the NFL and I know that means the world is getting … Read more

Bruce Dickinson ‘so proud’ of his upcoming solo album: ‘I think it’s going to be very special’

During the question-and-answer portion of his spoken word appearance on January 19 at Kulttuuritalo in Helsinki, Finland, Iron Maid Singer Bruce Dickinson He was asked when fans will hear his long-awaited new solo album. Answered (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Soon. Obviously there will be virgin Benny’s Round I finish the album and then you hear … Read more

Why this universe? Maybe not special – just possible

Cosmologists have spent For decades you’ve struggled to understand why the universe is so amazing. Not only is it smooth and flat as far as we can see, but it’s also expanding at an ever-increasingly slow pace, when naive calculations suggest that – out of the Big Bang – space should have been gravitationally collapsed … Read more

This Motorola x Pantone collab is a special edition phone done right

Jun Wan/ZDNET Just when I thought there were no more differences in the glass slab that is a modern smartphone, Motorola came out of the blue and presented me with its new phone. Edge 30 Fusion In Pantone’s Color of the Year: Viva Magenta. No, seriously, there’s such a thing as Color of the Year, … Read more

Announcing Jaime Hernandez’s Special Guest at California Book Club

We are pleased to welcome Oscar Villalon, Managing Editor of one of the preeminent literary magazines of our time, ZizevaBooks. He’ll be talking with CBC’s January author, Jaime Hernandez, about Maggie the Machinist. Villalon is a selection committee member for the California Book Club, a longtime jurist for the California Book Awards, and a former … Read more

Aldi’s Special Buys Fitness Collection will launch on January 28th in Australia

Aldi launches massive health and fitness discounts starting at just $5 – complete with popular portable blender, weights and electric lunchbox Aldi has wowed fitness fans with its latest budget special buy The 23-piece set includes everything from weight sets to a portable blender The fitness line hits stores January 28th, starting at $5 By … Read more

Expectations for UMSL men’s basketball were low, rather than enjoying a special season

It was a good start to the 2022-23 men’s basketball season for the University of Missouri-St. Lewis team. The Tritons won their first 12 games and climbed to #4 in the National Basketball Coaches Association rankings. “Early in our practice I saw some promising signs, and then I saw more positives than negatives when we … Read more

Special Chief Invitee Gordon Sargent talks speed, deflecting LIV’s pro and crazy rumors

Gordon Sargent was sitting on his couch at his home in Birmingham, Alabama, at 9 a.m. the day after New Year’s Day when his phone rang. It was a number he didn’t recognize, though the name on the caller ID was very familiar: Augusta National Golf Club. “I was a little surprised by that,” Sargent … Read more