Homelessness is highlighted with body paint during a public art show featuring AFLW star Erin Phillips

AFLW player Erin Phillips is no stranger to silvers, but she donned gold for a very different reason than the fielding exploits she’s known for. the main points: AFLW champion Erin Phillips was among seven notable South Australians who took part Usually used to symbolize wealth, the color gold was chosen in an ironic way … Read more

It is already difficult to block out the light of a single star to see its planets. But binary stars? Yikes

The discovery of exoplanets was groundbreaking science not so long ago. But now we’ve found more than 5,000 of them, and we expect to find them around almost every star. The next step is to fully describe these planets in hopes of finding planets that might support life. Filming them live will be part of … Read more

‘Shark Tank’ star Kevin O’Leary demolishes blue states for punishing success: ‘Heyday Years’ is over

Millionaire businessman and TV personality Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, predicts more bankruptcies after the FTX fallout and discusses his $45 million investment in North Dakota. Mr. Wonderful has his finger on the pulse of small business innovation — and claims states like New York, Massachusetts and California no longer do so. Millionaire businessman and … Read more

“Shrunken” star Jason Segel didn’t think mental illness was a stigma

Jason Segel in shrank (Image: Apple TV +) Jason Segel readily admits that he’s got a special stamp for a very specific role: “your best friend.” “I was like on a TV show for nine years, where I was your best friend,” the 43-year-old Los Angeles native said of the long-running CBS show. How have … Read more

Rian Johnson talks about “Poker Face” star Natasha Lyonne in his mystery masterpiece series

Rian Johnson must have known he was playing with fire, or hating the critics, when he likened the experience of making his new Peacock mystery series “Poker Face” to “making 10 little movies.” In case you didn’t know this, most critics and other people who appreciate television can’t stand it when authors try to differentiate … Read more

A college basketball star says her biggest rivals are also her “closest friends” — and that makes her want to “beat them” even more

Haley Jones.Players Tribune Stanford star and NCAA champion Haley Jones has started her own podcast with The Players Tribune. “I Hoop” highlights college basketball stars and their lives on and off the court. Jones told Insider about interviewing her opponents in court — who are her “closest friends.” Haley Jones does a little bit of … Read more

‘Evil’, ‘The Peasants’ and ‘Vomiting’ – Eva Green’s WhatsApp Messages Exude Star Quality | Movies

a Much of Eva Green’s success is due to her sense of the unknown. This is a woman who stays out of the celebrity circle, not given to blurring out every waking thought on social media. Researchers are constantly struggling to get to the bottom of it. Since her breakout on Bertolucci’s The Dreamers nearly … Read more

Former SNL Star Jay Farrow Reveals How He Lost 20 Pounds In Just 21 Days: ‘Dipped Weight’

Jay Pharoah has found the secret to holiday weight loss. The 35-year-old former Saturday Night Live cast member — who was at the You People premiere in LA last week — recently revealed how he managed to lose 20 pounds in just 21 days. The comedian — who has previously documented his fitness journey on … Read more

Exploring cyber augmentation in the Star Trek universe

residence Movies and TV Exploring cyber augmentation in the Star Trek universe What are the federations’ views on bionic implants, and why might they undermine the message of privilege? over the years, Star Trek He became known for creating some of the greatest science fiction technologies. These marvels range from teleportation devices that can send … Read more