A rare approach to the strange comet

On February 1, comet ZTF will approach Earth at a distance of approximately 42 million kilometers (nearly one-third the distance between us and the Sun), before it will likely leave the solar system forever. Credit: European Space Agency Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) today makes its closest approach to Earth before it likely leaves our solar … Read more

Physicists discover a new way to solve the strange mystery of dark energy

Physicists have proposed a new explanation for dark energy. It can shed insights into the interdependence between quantum field theory and general relativity theory, as two perspectives of the universe and its elements. What is behind dark energy – and what links it to the cosmological constant introduced by Albert Einstein? Two physicists from the … Read more

The original concept art for the avatar appears strange until the Na’vi look up

residence Movie news The original concept art for the avatar appears strange until the Na’vi look up An alternate design for the Na’vi in ​​James Cameron’s original Avatar was revealed in an early piece of art for the 2009 hit movie. early piece of symbol picture Concept art reveals an unused design of Sheikh Navi … Read more

Strange New Worlds – Trek Central

While all eyes may be on Star Trek: PicardWe are looking forward to 2023. The second season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds almost. However, new faces are joining Star Trek With an exclusive reveal today. Trek Central has learned that Noah LaManna And Adelaide Kane He will join the Captain Pike series. Plus, we’ve … Read more

When scientists put together a strange seal, it led them to signs of a potential climate catastrophe

Environment The seal sank into a deep basin on the ocean floor, about half a mile below the surface. And that’s when something remarkable happened. Satellite image of the Denman region in Antarctica. Landsat mosaic image of Antarctica This is a story about a nosy seal, a wayward robot, and a massive climate change catastrophe … Read more

Unused Doctor Strange 2 impresses Marvel fan base: ‘We got ripped off’

MCU fans have gone into a frenzy over concept art that never made it to the final stage Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Almost no Marvel Studios movie has dealt with so many behind-the-scenes issues Doctor Strange 2starting with the change in directors from Scott Derrickson to Sam Raimi in early 2020. Character … Read more