The popular Louisville Fruit Market is moving to the East End location as part of the new business strategy

The popular Louisville Fruit Market is moving to the East End location as part of the new business strategy Updated: 2:33 PM EST January 21, 2023 Louisville Business First A local grocer is introducing a new business strategy, which starts with moving one of his stores, according to Louisville Business First. Paul’s Fruit Market plans … Read more

Apple M2 Pro and Max Chips repeat successful upgrade strategy

With the M2 Pro and M2 Max processors, Apple is repeating a strategy that worked well in previous M1 designs. By grafting some additional circuitry onto an efficient chip base, Apple could offer a significant upgrade to the new M2-based MacBook Pro without a complete chip overhaul. Apple introduced its first in-house Mac processor, the … Read more

The new strategy uses ionic liquids to easily change the colors of the laser

Shooting a green laser through a tube filled with a specific ionic liquid (right side of the image) can easily turn green laser light orange (top left) – a long-sought color for medical applications. The method can be tailored to different color changes by selecting different ionic liquids. Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory Lasers are intense … Read more

Biden’s strategy on homelessness has failed, but he refuses to learn

The “all in” — the Biden administration’s new plan to reduce homelessness — is all wrong. Housing First, a policy experiment conducted by the Obama-Biden administration in 2013, established the plan. This approach eliminated funding for treatment services, and predicted that providing permanent housing would end homelessness within 10 years. A decade later, homelessness has … Read more

‘Rogue AI Simulator’ review: charming roguelike strategy

“HA very person who wants to rule the world,” Tears for Fears all the way back in 1985. It turns out that rogue AI is no different. Or at least that’s what I was led to believe by a lightweight strategy game Rogue AI Simulator, where the goal is to achieve independence and world domination … Read more

Why your technology stack should align with your company’s growth strategy

whiteMocca/ Composition will be a key pillar of the business strategy. By 2023, organizations that have adopted a composable approach will outpace the competition by 80% in the speed of implementing new features, according to research that identified the seven business digital transformation trends for 2023 and beyond. The drive for composable architectures is based … Read more