Hear METALLICA’s new song “Screaming Suicide”

metallica The official was released Tim Sucenti– Directing a music video for a new song called Screaming suicide. The track is taken from the band’s twelfth studio album, “72 seasons”which will arrive on April 14 via Special Division black recordings. produced by Greg Fidelman With metallica‘s James Hetfield And Lars Ulrichand clocking in at over … Read more

‘Don’t let Wai come to my funeral.’ She’s Mentally Ill: Naomi Judd’s Devastated Suicide Letter

Naomi Judd left a suicide note insisting her daughter Wynonna be banned from her funeral – and claiming she was mentally ill. The Post-it-style sheet was found near the 76-year-old’s body after she killed herself in her Tennessee mansion in April. He said, ‘Don’t let Way come to my funeral. She is mentally ill. It … Read more