Volunteers plant small forests in Paris to slow climate change and tackle heatwaves

French volunteers are using a pioneering Japanese method of tree planting to create pocket forests in Paris in the hopes that they will slow climate change, create biodiversity hotspots, and tackle the growing number of heatwaves in the capital. On a damp Saturday afternoon in a southern suburb of Paris, a little boy of about … Read more

Bridging the Digital Divide: NAIT students tackle Canada’s connectivity problem

The prototype could connect remote, rural and indigenous communities Patrick Potyuk (Wireless Systems Engineering Technology ’22) originated a good connection. He lived in a suburb near Edmonton and didn’t worry about internet access. In fact, he has spent most of his life in virtual environments. He’s tech-savvy and, as part of the gaming community, the … Read more

In Iceland, startup founders are creating new ways to tackle environmental crises

January 9, 2023 at 6:00 AM EST Julie Encausse, founder and CEO of bioplastics start-up Marea, and Jan-Eric Jessen, head of research and development at Galef, work at the Galef production facility on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula. (Hedda Helgadottir for The Washington Post) Comment on this story Suspension Rykjanes Peninsula, Iceland – The red-green electric glow … Read more