War leaves a toxic environmental legacy that lingers long after the guns have been quieted. Can we stop it?

The number of armed conflicts raging around the world is the largest since the end of World War II. These wars can leave toxic environmental legacies and cause untold damage to human health. A quarter of the world’s population – or two billion people – live in countries at war. They include Ukraine, Yemen, Syria, … Read more

explained | Where do Indian cities stand on toxic air?

A bird flies over a metro line engulfed in smog in Gurgaon on January 13, 2023. | Image source: AP The story so far: Four years after the center launched the National Clean Air Campaign (NCAP), analysts are finding that progress has been slow and that pollution is only gradually decreasing in most cities. What … Read more

Long working hours and the toxic environment of television can affect mental health

Tunis Sharma’s suicide highlights often overlooked mental health issues in the entertainment industry It’s time we stop downplaying mental health issues in the workplace. It is sad that people are so insensitive and do not understand the complexity of the problem. What we understand from the Tonsha Sharma suicide case is that it is time … Read more