JUNG_E review: The Train to Busan director makes excellent sci-fi on Netflix

Right from the start, the new movie to Netflix from Train to Busan And Peninsula Writer-director Yoon Sang-ho brings to mind other sci-fi films, as do many genre films. For American audiences, at least, the opening sequences and other moments in JUNG_E We will remember movies like Alita: Battle AngelAnd the Paradiseand other photos by … Read more

Artists are outraged after discovering artwork being used to train the creators of AI imagery without their consent

“It feels like a violation” to use their art without their consent to train the artificial intelligence (AI) technology behind the increasingly popular text-to-image software, says Kim Leutwiler, a six-time Archibald Prize finalist. The Sydney-born American artist is one of thousands of illustrators frustrated with their work being used to train AI image generators, which … Read more