Satyr: This video of British songwriter David Bowie predicting the future of the internet in 1999 is a joke | by PesaCheck | January 2023

The video was produced and shared by British comedian Michael Spicer. This Facebook video that purports to show a 1999 interview with British songwriter David Bowie predicting a bleak future for the Internet is SATIRICAL. “David Bowie predicts the impact of the Internet on Newsnight (1999). Watch till the end,” reads the post accompanying the … Read more

Apple has patented immersive video streaming for a future mixed reality headset

Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a patent related to streaming immersive video content to a user wearing a head-mounted device. Immersive video streaming According to Apple, immersive video content can be presented to the user in three dimensions using a wearable display device, such as a virtual reality headset … Read more

Phil Mickelson On LIV Golf, Ryder never played on the PGA Tour or Cup again

This time last year, Phil Mickelson was still a fan favorite on the PGA Tour, entertaining on the heels of his historic PGA Championship win in 2021. He then called out the PGA Tour for its “abhorrent greed” and called the people behind LIV Golf “creepy (expletive) to get involved with” before leaving the tour … Read more

Should I watch Nichols’ photo video? Advice from a trauma expert

As America prepares to release the video tonight of Memphis police killing Tyre Nichols, people should reflect on the shock of witnessing the disturbing video and the potential lasting effects. What is the effect of watching graphic videos of real-life violence? Dr. Amanda J. Calhoun, an expert in the psychological impact of trauma, says that … Read more

Jane Fonda, 85, The Queen of Workout Video Reveals She Kept Doing PUSH-UPS During Brutal Chemotherapy

She became the queen of the 80’s workout tape. And Jane Fonda, 85, revealed that she kept exercising even while undergoing brutal chemotherapy during her cancer battle last year. “Normally, I can do a push-up for a few minutes,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “When the chemo was in me, 30 seconds later, I would … Read more

Harry Styles splits the pants on stage in front of celebrity crush Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston attended Harry Styles’ party on Thursday — and experienced a wardrobe malfunction. While the former One Direction member was singing “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” to his audience in Inglewood, California, he knelt and ripped his pants. After the 28-year-old singer made a shocked face in front of the audience, he covered tears … Read more

Global Internet traffic is rising with the dominance of video

Global internet traffic is up 23% in 2022, driven by increased usage of streaming video and growth in traffic across app categories. This is according to Sandvine’s 2023 Global Internet Phenomena Report, which provides details on the latest global app usage and internet traffic trends. Sandvine points out that the report’s analysis is based on … Read more

College golf coach declines Augusta National Amateur invitation

Beth Lilly knows it can sound crazy. After all, who would turn down the chance to compete at the Augusta National? “I don’t want people to think it was easy for me, or that I was making fun of Augusta,” said Lily, “but I think I’m at a different point in my life now.” Now … Read more