The Emerging Pathogens Initiative at HHMI aims to initiate the science in addressing future pandemics

summary Thirteen project teams comprising 70 scientists from 29 institutions collaborate on basic research targeting preparedness for future emerging pathogens that could threaten human health. Howard Hughes Medical Institute is dedicating $100 million to the New Emerging Pathogens Initiative to support basic research targeting preparedness for emerging pathogens that could threaten human health in the … Read more

The Chinese are turning to traditional remedies to fight Covid

Jade Gao’s photo. Video Danny Chu, Michael Zhang, Yan Zhao, Riley Zhang As Covid-19 tears apart China’s massive population, sickening millions of people and fueling drug shortages, many are turning to age-old traditional medicines to battle the aches and pains of the virus. President Xi Jinping has promoted traditional Chinese medicine since the start of … Read more

A large study finds that prolonged symptoms of the COVID-19 virus often resolve in people with a mild infection

Clarification: Clash (Clash) The research by a team in Israel appears to offer encouraging news: the majority of symptoms associated with the long-running coronavirus may resolve over time for those who initially develop a mild case of COVID-19. The study found that mild cases had a twelvefold greater risk of developing healthy conditions than uninfected … Read more

Finding a vaccine against COVID-19 to protect against infection and brain damage caused by the virus

summary: A new COVID-19 vaccine developed by researchers at CNB-CSIC appears to protect against brain infection and neurological symptoms associated with the coronavirus. Source: University of Seville Although respiratory diseases are the main impact of COVID-19, many patients also present with important neurological symptoms, such as anosmia (loss of smell), headache, malaise, cognitive loss, epilepsy, … Read more