Los Angeles’ “green alleys” store water after storms

Alleys converted into rainwater catchers have come in handy during the recent downpour. Photo: SALT Rosendo Mendez lived most of the three decades in his South LA home, and the alley behind him was problematic. The strip of asphalt the neighbors use to access their garages was full of potholes that attracted all sorts of … Read more

The Supreme Court could end protections for some wetlands, which threaten water and wildlife

Remains of the old dam are still visible at The Nature Conservancy’s Emiquon Preserve in central Illinois, although it no longer obstructs the Illinois River these days. Now what were once corn and soybean fields is nearly 7,000 acres of restored fertile wetland. Doug Blodgett grew up on the other side of the river from … Read more

The outer solar system has provided a surprising amount of Earth’s water

In a recent study published in SciencesA team of researchers at Imperial College London examined 18 meteorites containing the volatile element zinc to help determine their source, as it has long been assumed that volatiles on Earth, including water, derive from asteroids closer to our planet. However, their findings likely point to an entirely different … Read more

A Look at Mendocino County Water: Rainfall Gives ‘Breathing Room,’ But Only Infrastructure and Climate Solutions Can Mitigate Drought • The Voice of Mendocino | Mendocino County, Katie Mendocino Voice

MENDOCINO Co, CA, 1/29/23 – Even during the power outages, flooding, and tree fall in Mendocino County during the first weeks of 2023, we can take comfort in the fact that rain on drought-stricken soils in California is good news. Lake Mendocino reached the largest amount of water storage in over a decade, and our … Read more

Russell Carpenter for the virtual reality of Avatar by Water

We speak with the cinematographer about the challenges of shooting live action and virtual simultaneously. Pictures of Walt Disney By Brad Gullikson Published January 27, 2023 you welcome in world builders, our ongoing series of conversations with the industry’s most productive and thoughtful behind-the-scenes craftsmen. In this entry, we talk with cinematographer Russell Carpenter about … Read more

Why desalination won’t save countries dependent on Colorado River water

The Colorado River winds around Horseshoe Bend at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Page, Arizona. Rona Wise | Afp | Getty Images Countries that rely on the increasingly drought-stricken Colorado River are looking toward desalination as a way to repair the river’s deficit and boost water supplies across the western United States. The search … Read more

California Winter Storms Boost Water Allocations to Cities: NPR

Flood waters cover a property along River Road. In Monterey County, California, the Salinas River burst its banks on January 13, 2023. Noah Berger/AP Hide caption Switch caption Noah Berger/AP Flood waters cover a property along River Road. In Monterey County, California, the Salinas River burst its banks on January 13, 2023. Noah Berger/AP SACRAMENTO, … Read more

Oil Refineries Release Water Pollution Near Communities of Color: NPR

Recent findings on contamination of waterways near oil refineries underscore the health and environmental risks. Ryan Kellman/NPR Hide caption Switch caption Ryan Kellman/NPR Oil refineries release billions of pounds of pollution into waterways annually, and that pollution disproportionately affects people of color, according to a new analysis of EPA regulatory data. Pollution includes heavy metals, … Read more