Delete Android web browser cookies, cache to quickly remove junk files

for you Android phoneYour web browser may fill up with “tons of data”, including files you don’t need to keep. Much of this data is stored – whether you’re using Google Chrome, Firefox or Samsung Internet – as part of cookies and cache. This data can be useful to the websites you visit, allowing them … Read more

The US “No Fly List” is found on the open web

The no-fly list and other sensitive files were discovered by Maia Arson Crimew, a Swiss security researcher and hacker, while searching Jenkins servers on Shodan. A Swiss hacker named Maia Arson Crimew discovered an insecure server operated by the Ohio-based airline CommuteAir, a subsidiary of United Express. The hacker claims to have found the server … Read more

The Internet Archive is the best preserved movie on the web

eafaru/ The Internet contains more content than a single human being can experience, yet so much is already missing! This is true of movies in particular. Most of the early films were lost decades ago, but with modern technology, we don’t need to lose any more. What is the Internet Archive? The Internet Archive is … Read more

Amazon Web Services: The Key to Amazon Control (NASDAQ: AMZN)

georgeclerk investment thesis: As we all know, Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) is the largest e-commerce company in the United States and the leading player in cloud computing in the world. The company has seen its market valuation drop since then his eyes on $2 trillion. The decline was significant, and the company now trades at a … Read more

An inside look at what GitLab’s web IDE has to offer developers

Gitlab is reinventing its Web IDE to better support remote development in cloud-based environments. The new Web IDE became publicly available in beta last month and is already enabled by default on Eric Shorter, Principal Product Manager for Create at GitLab, said that it had received significant positive feedback less than a month after … Read more

The story of the 90 mAh Trefuego – and Sony’s attempt to remove it from the web

“Does anyone know why this song is banned on Spotify?” “Why ISNT 90 mega on me Spotify NA: ‘((((‘ “Why 90 millihours removed from Spotify All comments posted on Twitter and YouTube at various points in late 2022 by fans of the viral TikTok hit. Happy Hit, originally released in September 2019, is 90 millihours … Read more