What happens to cold-blooded wildlife in cold weather?

The entire country is bracing for record low temperatures this week as the winter solstice approaches. While most northern states have passed their worst, some southern states are still waiting out Winter Storm Elliott. Temperatures in the Deep South are expected to drop into the teens Thursday night, which could spell disaster for fish, reptiles, … Read more

Winter Wildlife Wonders | News, sports, jobs

Photos by Gary Brandenburg – A winter wonderland of frosty tree limbs helped add beauty to the landscape last week. Freezing mist/fog allowed moisture to build up on the trees in an amazing way. The opportunity to make new photographs was the theatre. All the photographer had to do was find a willing subject or … Read more

Wildlife crossings make roads safer for animals and humans

Briefly The Safe Roads and Wildlife Protection Act requires Caltrans and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to identify wildlife barriers and prioritize crossings when building or improving roads and highways. By Laura Friedman, for CalMatters Assembly member Laura Friedman It represents the 43rd assembly district. Not many of us have seen a mountain … Read more

Parks and Wildlife Asks Legislature for $2.2 Million to Support Rollout of Keep Colorado Wild Pass – The Journal

A fisherman rows his boat in the North Shore Marina on March 5, 2022 at Lake Pueblo State Park. (Mike Sweeney/Exclusive for The Colorado Sun) The launch of the parks card underpinning CPW’s new financial model has been vexed by challenges The launch of the Keep Colorado Wild Pass is not going smoothly as planned. … Read more

UK wildlife ‘devastated by a series of weather swings’ in 2022 | Climate crisis

A leading conservation charity said this year’s turbulent weather – including severe storms, scorching heat and deep cold – has destroyed some of the UK’s most precious flora and fauna. The harsh conditions have made survival very difficult for animals from frogs and bats to birds and butterflies, and from large trees to meadow flowers. … Read more

Chaparral and Wildfire | Wildlife News

Sandstone and Chaparral outcrops along Hurricane Dick, San Rafael Wilderness, Los Padres NF, California. Photo by Georg Werthner Chaparral is one of the most extensive vegetation communities in California due to the state’s Mediterranean climate of winter rainfall and summer drought. Chaparral is especially common in the Coast Range, Traverse Ranges, and the western slopes … Read more

Genasys Inc. On an international application to protect birds and wildlife worth $1.6 million

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Genasys Inc. (not availablesDrAbdul Qadeer: GNSS)And Today, the global leader in unified vital communications systems and solutions, announced a follow-up order for LRAD systems worth $1.6 million for Bird and Wildlife Conservation. These systems will be integrated with DeTect, Inc. trailers. (DeTect) MERLIN™ award winning radar featuring … Read more

Wildlife officials are proposing new rules for Skyway fishermen to reduce bird deaths

As Florida wildlife officials grapple with how to reduce the amount of seabirds that become entangled in fishing gear at the crowded Skyway Fishing Pier State Park, new rules Wednesday night proposed an effort to find a middle ground between hunters and bird advocates who, for months, have squabbled over a solution. Florida Wildlife Division … Read more

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is warning residents of Grand Lake of continued mountain lion activity

Jim Averill’s security camera captures three lions crossing his home on Rapids Lane in Grand Lake in May 2022. Two of these lions may be the same lion that was killed after attacking dogs in the area. Averill reported this footage to Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials. The agency released a report on January 25, … Read more

Wildlife and religious sites dominate the Uttarakhand palette

Wildlife and religious sites dominate the Uttarakhand palette The central part of the painting depicts the state animal of Uttarakhand, the ‘musk deer’, PTI, new delhi, Jan 26, 2023 14:21 EST Updated: Jan 26 2023, 14:21 IST On Thursday, Uttarakhand displayed wildlife and religious sites in the Republic Day Parade on the Kartavia Trail. In … Read more