What would a $20 bill look like if it had a native woman front and center on it?

For Mi’kmaw Tracey Metallic artist, the late Margaret (Pictou) LaBillois is one of her heroes. That’s why she chose to feature them in a design challenge to reimagine Canadian banknotes with inspiring Aboriginal women. The Aboriginal Women’s Association of Canada runs the Changing Bills project as a way to promote the contributions and achievements of … Read more

Meet the Woman Behind the Grove City Biotech Business Fighting Genetic Diseases with Reprogrammed Viruses – 614NOW

From a massive 200,000-square-foot facility in Grove City, Dr. Irandi de Silva helps create life-saving medical treatments so small that tens of millions can fit on the head of a pin. No, this is not science fiction. This is central Ohio. De Silva is co-founder of Forge Biologics, a Columbus-area company that specializes in creating … Read more

The Aretha Franklin Natural Woman controversy leaves the internet baffled

Late American singer Aretha Franklin (You make me feel) a normal woman It was recently criticized by an activist group for having offensive lyrics, a move that left the internet scratching their heads. On January 21, the Norway-based LGBTQ activist group, The Trans Cultural Mindfulness Alliance, took to its Twitter account to slam Franklin’s 1968 … Read more

The Racine woman who allegedly allowed her disabled son to die will stay in a mental health institute a little longer

Racine — the woman facing criminal charges over allegations that she allowed her disabled adult son to die on the floor after a fall — will remain at the Mendota Institute of Mental Health for the time being. Cheryl Christensen, 63, has been charged with negligent endangerment for abuse/causing death after her son was found … Read more

Sunday Review – A witty and poignant portrait of a woman who denounced conformity | Australian theatre

sOne of Tevin Sondheim’s performances in the Park with George contains a song titled Children and Art, about legacy, offspring and creative stimulus. It could serve as an alternative title for this fine new play about the Sunday Reed, her great love and the mark she made on Australian art. Playwright Anthony Wee took key … Read more

The Brainerd Woman chronicles life with epilepsy in a new book – Brainerd Dispatch

BRAINERD – Everyone has been dealt with in life. Some are easier to handle than others, and this is a fact that Barb Mack knows all too well. A car accident more than four decades ago paved the way for years of struggle, a steep learning curve and a new normal for the Brainerd woman. … Read more

Anne Hesh Said Ellen DeGeneres Was ‘The First and Only Woman I Ever Loved’: Memoir

Anne Heche, who died in August, wrote about her romance with Ellen DeGeneres in her new memoir. (Photo: Reuters) Anne Heche’s upcoming memoir shares new insight into her ’90s romance with Ellen DeGeneres. in an excerpt from call me ann, he got it the peopleAnd The late actress wrote that the ex The Ellen DeGeneres … Read more

Obituary: Watercolor Memories of a Remarkable Woman

How can you take the full measure of a life, when that life is that of Patricia (Patsy) Peacock-Evans, when that life, that spirit, when you try to put some words about it, seems to get ahead of every effort? far ahead. he laughs away. As you say, you can’t catch me. You can measure … Read more

Or Senator Ron Wyden’s city council boycott by a woman, arrest

The Portland Tribune is a media partner of KOIN 6 News. PORTLAND, Oregon (Portland Tribune) — US Sen. Ron Wyden’s Washington County town hall on Thursday, Jan. 12, was mostly civil, covering roads and bridges, social media and the war in Ukraine, except for one woman’s outburst that weighed heavily on her. a few misdemeanors. … Read more