Major global corporations write down billions as deals give way to gloom

Some of the world’s biggest companies are facing billions of dollars in writedowns on recent acquisitions as a wave of deal-making gives way to a new era of economic uncertainty and rising interest rates. With a third of the global economy expected to enter recession this year, world leaders will gather this week in Davos, … Read more

Microsoft Office’s next big trick could be using artificial intelligence to write your documents for you

AI projects have made some impressive achievements recently, and in recent weeks, some of those efforts have already been implemented and captured public attention: OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which delivers text-based output, and Midjourney, which produces visually. Art pieces. Previous efforts have been backed by Microsoft for a few years now, and a new report suggests that … Read more

A science fiction author and scientist team up to write a novel about consciousness and quantum weirdness – GeekWire

The Observer plays with the idea that actions of observation lead to the reality we observe. (Adobe Stock / Thapana Studio) Do we each make our own reality? Can different observers create concretely different realities? It’s a fantastical line of thought that has also raised scientific questions — and now science and fantasy have come … Read more