Why you should get Andrew Wiggins and cut ties with Mason Plumlee

Week 13 of the NBA season is over, and now it’s time to reflect, overreact, and rate the fantasy basketball scene. We are more than halfway through and equipped with plenty of data to evaluate player performance. With Week 14 underway, keeping tabs on which players are showing sustainable performance indicators or which are due for a market correction is important if you are wondering whether you should buy, sell or hold a specific player.

We are taking a more microscopic approach this week, with a focus on higher value bulls to trade away and bears to trade for.

Current ranking per game: 133

Plumley’s recent rise in the rankings was one of the biggest mid-season upsets. He performed very well, and his production was among some of the league’s best. He’s ranked 48th in every game over the past month and is one of eight players in the NBA to average at least 14 points, 10 rebounds and three assists per game over the past 30 days.

This is the list of names:

Luka DoncicAnd Nikola VucevicAnd Domantas SabonisAnd Julius RandelAnd Joseph NurkicAnd Giannis Antikonmo and Mason Plumley.

Minus Plumley and Nork, the other six We are Or were all stars. This is a testament to how well Bloomdog plays.

However, from a fantasy perspective, there can be no better time to sell at a higher price than now.

According to Shams al-Sha’raniyah: The Hornets made many players available for trade and Plumley was one of them. Like many players auditioning for a chance to join the challenger (look at you, Eric Gordon), Hornets HC Stephen Clifford doubles his starting position and plays with him over 31 minutes per night in January, the highest mark of any month this season by over three minutes.

Fantasy directors have been enjoying Mason Plumlee’s performance this season – but will it end soon? (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)

There is no incentive for the Hornets to keep Plumley after this season. They have two big guys in Mark Williams And Nick Richards. Williams was a first-round pick who had yet to receive much playing time. The potential is there, but it will take more time to prove that it can be the edge protector of the future. And the Hornets themselves aren’t going anywhere fast. They have the worst record in the Eastern Conference, so it’s time for them to blow all this up and give minutes to the younger players.

Now, Plumley’s run is certainly helping the fantasy coaches win in the short run, but he’s sure to be sporting another jersey on February 9. Whatever position he goes into, there’s no guarantee he’ll watch 31 Minutes like him. is now.

Get what you can for, but don’t sell also Low because he’s doing the numbers right now.

Current ranking per game: 40

It has been a tough job for Wiggins since returning from a 15-game absence. In the five games he played in January, he averaged 12.7 points, 4.2 rebounds and 2.6 assists per game while shooting 36% from the field and 21% from outside the arc — all well below his season averages before he was injured.

However, not everything is bad. It’s encouraging to see that Wiggins’ utilization rate remains above 23% over that period, and continues to rack up stocks, averaging over two per contest.

But what happened to this 30th player who was on his way to posting the best season of his nine-year career?

I bet he’s still getting his legs back after missing a good chunk of the season. And because it’s going through an adjustment period, it will take time to get into rhythm. But fantasy directors don’t always have the luxury to wait. So, I’m going to use that to my advantage and try to trade for Wiggins for now while he’s still picking up the rust.

He’s been delivering a turn-of-16 value over the past two weeks, which is just short of a top 150 place. However, while he’s finding his groove, it’s nice to see him make the extra pass (and play right-handed basketball), knowing his shot isn’t a drop:

It’s also worth noting that he’s still ramping up his conditioning. He’s averaged 27 minutes a night since his return, which is nearly five minutes less than his time on the floor before his snaps fatigued.

Wiggins is one of the best perimeter defenders at the forward position in fantasy and has been an effective player since joining the Warriors a few seasons ago. That’s proof enough for me to know that this dip in production and effort is an outlier, and worth buying Wiggins before he regains All-Star form.

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